Captain Tim Pask

CaptainTim Pask

Englishman Tim Pask holds the prestigious RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean qualification and has over 20 years Worldwide experience in command. He’s crossed the Atlantic on numerous occasions and having spent several years in Florida and the Caribbean running charters and a yacht gardiennage business, he has intimate experience of the area.

He likes nothing more than to share his passion for watersports with you, both above and below the surface. He has Captained ‘Stormbird’ since 2007 and whilst maintaining a sharp eye for the safety of all his guests he is also the supreme host for whom nothing is too much trouble.

Crew Lisa Mead

Chef / hostess

We select the chef /hostess from our panel of qualified and experienced specialists. Australian Lisa Mead heads up this team and is a regular on board. For the past 20 years she has been cooking throughout, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean aboard luxury yachts, and in 5 star villas and restaurants. Lisa spent her early childhood in South East Asia and from that experience has a love for Asian cuisine. She also specialises in Mediterranean as well as Fusion cooking and is well versed in other areas.

You will find both your crew quietly responsive to your requirements at all times. A lifetime of experience enables them to switch seamlessly in turn from completely unobtrusive, yet attentive, to fun loving and sociable, depending on your expectations. Above all you will find them comprehensively professional and sensitive to the mood on board.